Alpha Kappa Psi was founded on October 5, 1904 at New York University. Its founders, Fredrick Leach, Howard Jefferson, Nathan Lane, Jr., and George Bergen set forth a plan to perpetuate the business education and sense of brotherhood that had formed during their years at NYU. The nation's first professional business fraternity, AKPsi developed and expanded rapidly in its early years, becoming an international organization on April 18, 1931. Over its 107-year history, AKPsi has grown to be the largest business fraternity in the world, with 332 chapters and over 225,000 initiated members across three countries. AKPsi alumni include presidents, chief executives, and federal judges.

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    Our members are involved in dozens of organizations on campus and study in numerous different majors. Our 200+ alumni currently work at top banks, consulting firms, and Fortune 500 companies and study in some of the nation's most competitive graduate programs. The Omicron Upsilon chapter's recruitment process is strictly governed by the procedures and policies of its national charter. However, as members of the Cornell community, we are strongly committed to recruiting and retaining the best talent on campus from a variety of diverse backgrounds and academic interests.

  •  our pillars



    Our Brothers engage in service, from our community to beyond.



    We aim to foster a strong professional environment from our campus to beyond.






    At the core of our organization are the deep friendships of our brothers.



  • Mike Pittore



    "There is no other organization that I was involved with at Cornell whose members I am more regularly in touch with on both a personal and business level than I am with the bright and motivated individuals from my years in AKPsi. I would not have the job or the professional network I have today without joining, hands down."

    Ashley Higgins




    "AKPsi gave me the opportunity to not only meet, but form lasting relationships, with some of the most diverse and intelligent people on campus who I would have never had the opportunity to come in contact with beforehand.."

    Brandon Kerns




    "Very simply put, I would not be where I am without AKPsi. For me, AKPsi was and is a bond between individuals who want to go on a different life trajectory than the norm. I had drive, but did not have the direction or the peer support to know where to channel the drive in a productive, career-focused way. Being surrounded and mentored by the caliber of people AKPsi attracts allowed me to raise my expectations to achieve goals I would not have previously considered possible. Hands down, it was the best overall experience of my collegiate career socially and professionally.


    Professionally, AKPsi facilitates the sharing of ideas, experiences, and best practices through a natural mentorship program that allows one to grow in all aspects - this dynamic put me and, I'm sure, many others, at a tremendous advantage when it came to navigating the myriad of challenges involved with transitioning from a student to a successful professional. On a personal level, I instantly made deep, life-lasting friendships with individuals I would have otherwise never been close with. I currently live with an AKPsi brother here in NYC, I have travelled the world with brothers in AKPsi, and we now work alongside and do business with each other. When faced with important decisions personally and professionally, I continue to first turn to my AKPsi brothers for advice. "

  • why akpsi?

    As Cornell's first professional fraternity chartered in 1998, we have cultivated a large and incredibly successful network of brothers and alumni who continue to give back to our community.

    Our Brothers come from diverse backgrounds.


    A source of pride of AKPsi here at Cornell is the diversity of our brotherhood - in background, interest, and identity. Our 60 current brothers come from 16 U.S. states, 11 different countries, and study 17 different majors here on campus.

    Our Alumni Network spans across industries.


    In over 20 years, we have cultivated a large and incredibly successful network of over 500 alumni who maintain contact with our chapter and actively look for ways to give back to support our professional ambitions.