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    Alicia Tam

    Graduating Class: 2013

    Major: Sociology

    Current job: Principal at 14W

    "AKPsi helped me prepare for and secure my internship junior year, which led to a full time job at Morgan Stanley. But more importantly, I met exceptional people who I still call my closest friends today. AKPsi transcends a simple student-run business organization. It builds meaningful relationships that last a lifetime."

    Jenna Kerner

    Graduating Class: 2011

    Majors: Neurobiology, Economics

    Current job: Co-CEO and Cofounder, Harper Wilde

    "AKPsi was the first experience that showed me the value of surrounding yourself with incredible, inspiring people. I would discover things about myself and my interests that had previously been unknown. I am continually surprised at all the doors that have opened because of that experience."

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